Monday, November 22, 2010


My first blog ever.... hmm I think I will explain why I decided to blog in the first place. I have recently discovered that I have a passion for cooking. I always enjoyed watching my mom cook as a child and helping her out but I never realized how much I really enjoy cooking. I have not had the chance to cook  for other people other than myself until now and am realizing the satisfication I get out of preparing a meal for my boyfriend and for my friends. I am assuming this passion for cooking has been due in part to the fact that my boyfriend and roommates actually LIKE my cooking. They dont simply tell me that the food is 'good' but often times their eyes lightup and I hear a 'Mmmmmm this is soooo tasty Denise'. Those compliments have definitely been a large part of the reason I have been continuing to cook for them. 
I also realized that I truly enjoy introducing new foods to my friends and encouraging them to try food they claim they dont like. As a child I was introduced to different foods at a young age and because of that I am not a very picky eater besides being a pescatarian (seafood is the only 'meat' I eat). 
I have also learned to cook on a relatively cheap diet. Since I dont eat chicken, steak etc my main expenses are for seafood (shrimp, crab, fish, scallops) and soy or tofu. I generally make large quantities of food that is easily frozen and zapped in the microwave for a quick lunch. 
My recipes are simple and can easily be tackled by the beginner cook. I plan on posting my recipes to my blog along with photos of the finished product and the smiling faces of my roommates after eating my yummmy yummy food :)

Off to cook dinner
<3 Denise

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